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Get in control - when amid circumstances out of your control

While no one goes into business or enters into an agreement expecting to become embroiled in a conflict, most organizations will find themselves dealing with a dispute or controversy at some point.

It could be a major insurance claim or breach of contract. A delay in a project, a post-deal dispute, or sorting through business after a crisis.

You need the insight and judgment of experienced professionals with leading forensic accounting, computer forensics and data mining techniques. We can help you develop a clear strategy and move to resolution as quickly as possible so that you can get on with running your business successfully.

Service Details :

Preliminary Claim Assessment

Whether you’re already involved in or contemplating a dispute or a claim, we’ll help you establish the facts, analyze the issues and independently and objectively quantify the losses you’ve sustained.

Our team of forensic specialists advises on the financial, economic aspects of claims, assists through the dispute resolution process and provides independent and credible expert testimony. We work on a wide range of disputes, including litigation, arbitration, mediation and regulatory matters.

Our strength comes not only from our forensic accounting expertise, but also from the way we bring together industry, economic and technical expertise from across the global PwC network to respond to your needs.

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Insurance Claims

Insurance of property, products, people and profits is a key component of corporate risk management. PwC provides policyholders and insurers with independent advice and assistance in managing claims and insurance risks.

Our team delivers cost-effective solutions to clients faced with insurance claims ranging in size from simple, local files to more complex claims.

Our forensic accountants are dedicated to delivering exceptional service to clients by:

  • producing timely, accurate and defensible calculations, driving reduction in overall claim cycle time
  • adding value through streamlined reporting, enhanced technology adoption and sharing best practices
  • providing expertise, geographical reach and flexibility to serve you how and where you need us

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Claim Review and Calculation

From the boardroom to the courtroom, we can help you understand the value of what’s at stake. We provide claim review and financial calculation for companies and their counsel in litigation, arbitration and mediation.

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Independent Expert for Court Proceedings

Our team provides advisory services for businesses in conflict situations in the following areas: initial case management, quantification of the amount subject to the dispute, preparation for legal proceedings, evidence collection and effective presentation of the data.

We respond to companies’ needs in line with the conflict’s size and the preferred platform for its resolution, offering an independent expert opinion and strategic consulting.

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Gökhan Yılmaz

Gökhan Yılmaz

Forensic Services Leader, PwC Turkey

Tel: +90 212 376 5302

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