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French Desk

Turkey and France have great potential for growing inbound and outbound investment opportunities, and Turkey is drawing increasing levels of foreign investment by French firms. A growing number of Turkish firms also seek new business and investment opportunities in France.

How can the French Desk help you?

The mission of the French Desk in Turkey is to provide services to all local and foreign investors. We want you to make the most of our expertise in the areas of Audit, structuring legal, tax, corporate finance and work with our consultants to use their focused knowledge on France, as well as taking advantage of our wider network.

We can help with:

  • Requirements for annual financial statement audits
  • Identifying optimum tax and legal solutions for your investments
  • Strategic market and industry assessment
  • Strategic advice for M&A and business plan and structuring
  • Due diligence reviews and post-deal integration
  • Systems and process improvement services (including IT, finance function and operations)
  • Analysis and design of business process
  • Analysis for cost reductions, profitability and efficiency increases
  • Analysis and design of governance and statutory compliance to optimise shareholder oversight and control
  • Identifying and evaluating risks to determine acceptability of risk profile for new investments
  • Identifying laws and regulations for compliance to set up or improve compliance programmes

Please contact us for further details of how we can work together to make your foreign investments a success and for further information on our services and professional events.

The PwC Turkey French Desk team offers supports through efficient and professional advice on cross-border activities in the region.

Contact us

Talar Gül

Assurance Services Partner

Tel: +90 212 326 6073

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