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PwC's COVID-19 CIO Pulse Survey

PwC asked more than one hundred and fifty Chief Information Officers (CIOs) and Chief Digital Officers (CDOs) throughout Europe about the impact of the novel coronavirus crisis. This COVID-19 CIO Pulse Survey provides insights into some of the challenges and priorities that this specific group faces. 

Top Findings

  • Of the technology leaders surveyed, over 70% say that the coronavirus outbreak has had a substantial impact on their business.
  • Only 41% say that reducing IT costs is a priority.
  • Respondents report being extremely satisfied with their basic IT services, IT4IT, but also indicate that they are still highly concerned.

Research findings indicate the difference within different industries. In the consumer products sector, 92% say the impact of COVID-19 is significant, whilst only 20% of respondents in the technology, media, and telecom sectors experience it that way.

Reduction of IT costs

Of the CIOs and CDOs surveyed, 41% say that they see the reduction of IT costs as a priority in response to the corona crisis. This isn’t such a high percentage when you consider that more than seventy percent see the impact of COVID-19 as significant.

Majority of the CIOs who see cost savings as a priority (75%) say that they expect to save up to 20% on IT costs, of which only 24% plan to do this via deferring IT investments.

The vital role of technology leaders

Technology is an important tool to be stronger and more resilient in the post-crisis world and supports digital transformation. Now is the time for companies and organizations to shift the focus from survival mode to accelerating real digital transformation.

The grow portfolio appears to have to pay the price of the crisis. However, this seems to be a short-term measure and should only apply to 2020. According to CIO Pulse, cyber security and CX are still important in the investment agenda of 2021; however, the entire grow portfolio is included again and is given as much priority as the other investment portfolios. 

About the survey

More than 150 CIOs/CDOs from different countries completed the survey during the week of 4 May. The respondents came from Austria, Denmark, Germany, Greece, Ireland, Italy, the Netherlands, Poland, Spain, Turkey and the United Kingdom. 

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