Potential and existing clients or individuals associated with them

Collecting personal data

PwC Turkey processes personal data related to potential and existing clients and persons related to them using customer relations management systems (CRM).

A PwC Turkey user processes this personal data and adds it to CRM. The personal data consists of name, surname, title, phone number and e-mail address. CRM also used to collect information of name of sender, name of recipient, event date and time from PwC users’ e-mails and name of organiser, name of participant, event date and time from calendars.

Using personal data

Personal data related to individuals for whom PwC Turkey carries out businesses and services processed for the purposes below, in line with the interests of PwC Turkey and other PwC Turkey Member Firms and in cases explicitly stated by law.

1.  Administration, management and development of businesses and services

PwC Turkey processes personal data to carry out its businesses and professional services and for the following purposes:

  • provision of independent audit, accounting and consulting in line with the purpose of the services being performed by the relevant business units;
  • planning and executing customer relations management processes, planning and/or tracking customer satisfaction processes, tracking customer demands and/or complaints;
  • developing businesses and services (defining customer needs and service improvements and obtaining information about the opportunities offered by a relationship where a client, PwC Turkey or another PwC Member Firm have an interest);
  • analysing and assessing the strength of interactions between parties (PwC CRM uses an algorithm that helps with this analysis, and ranking is based on interaction regularity, duration, proximity and response time);
  • planning and executing market research activities for purchasing and marketing and/or promotion of work activities and services;
  • planning and executing data access authorisations of partners and/or suppliers, managing relationships with partners and/or suppliers;
  • ensuring that data is accurate and up-to-date;
  • analysing trends including those related to PwC management, generating criteria concerning services provided, relationship maps, sales intelligence and processes responding to commercial account targets;
  • using and updating IT systems, account management, internal financial reporting and provision of IT services (including storing, hosting, maintenance and support activities);
  • executing processes and operations, finance operations, communications, market research and social responsibility activities and purchasing operations (requests, proposals, evaluations, orders, budgeting, contracts) that aim to determine and apply trade and business strategies;
  • informing authorized people or bodies as required by legislation;
  • hosting events;
  • to manage the website, systems and applications;
  • finance and/or accounting and tracking legal matters including lawsuits and enforcement proceedings.

2. Providing information about PwC Turkey and its range of services

Unless the client explicitly states otherwise, PwC Turkey process client contact information it deems is related to PwC Turkey and its services, e.g., sector updates and predictions, other services related to events and invitations to events.

PwC member firms do not market and/or otherwise release personal data contained in the PwC CRM system to third parties for the purpose of allowing them to market their products and services without consent from individuals to do so.

Data retention

Personal data is stored on CRM systems for as long as PwC Turkey has an ongoing business relationships with parties and provides professional services to them and/or for the length of time the data is required to be stored in accordance with the law. This period is determined in line with the PwC Turkey Policy for Retention and Disposal of Personal Data.

PwC Turkey store data for longer periods where extended retention periods are required by law or regulations and in order to establish, exercise or defend our legal rights.

When and how does PwC Turkey share personal data, and where does it process the data?

The CRM service is provided by Salesforce, is hosted in Salesforce’s European data centres. The information in the CRM may be accessed by PwC Member Firms CRM for the purposes described above. For details of our member firm locations, please click here and for further details about the processors used by PwC Turkey (such as IT service providers) and locations of processing refer to this link.

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