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Debt & Capital advisory

Our Debt & Capital Advisory group advises clients on all aspects of their debt and capital needs, helping borrowers and shareholders alike to achieve their financing objectives. We advise across the cycle – be it raising finance to support a growth strategy, refinancing existing debt facilities or advising in situations involving financial stress.

Irrespective of whether a company is in a growth or maturity stage, questions on investments and financing always play a central role. In view of the volume of capital involved and the long-term capital tie-up, investment decisions represent numerous opportunities and risks for businesses. Financing is becoming a deciding factor for the development of a company. Companies have become flexible in their financing not just from a tax point of view but also - and in particular - with regard to innovative alternative forms of finance. Our experts advise companies comprehensively with the choice of suitable lenders and evaluate their optional choices of action for financing decisions.

Increasingly greater variety in the range of financial products make it necessary for companies to play an active role in the design of their financing structure, while at the same time purposely incorporating the expectations of the respecting financing partners. The object is guaranteed funding to suit requirements with a minimum of financing costs. Our team members’ backgrounds in the financial world enables us to liaise with financiers in a language they understand while remaining independent. Our financing expertise, lender relationships and independence in selecting suitable financiers allow us to provide truly objective advice to help borrowers raise or retain financing on the most advantageous terms by introducing you to potential Lenders in the market place.

Our team has a deep understanding of the debt & capital markets with senior team members all being project finance specialists, corporate bankers and with many years of combined experience acting both as lender and adviser. We have unrivalled reach into the financier investor community, providing our clients with access to extensive sources of liquidity tailored to their needs.

Global One Stop Shop

If you operate globally, our consultants throughout Europe combine extensive experience in various forms of financing with in-depth knowledge of different business sectors and can offer you professional advice. They are part of a team of PwC Corporate Finance professionals who collaborate closely on all continents, pooling their knowledge of local markets and industries.

How can we help?

Tell us about your ambitions and challenges and we will structure what kind of financing will suit you best by working in close partnership from an early stage with senior management and the Board to develop a comprehensive set of potential financing solutions tailored to the financing objectives of the company. We then work with you to assess each option and assist senior management to implement the preferred solution. We will help you attract new financing, refinance existing debts or restructure your existing funding arrangements by,

  • Designing a feasible financing structure that best suits your business needs
  • Diversifying across a range of debt instruments and developing flexible financing sources
  • Releasing capital tied up in the existing business
  • Approaching all eligible financiers both local and international commercial banks, IFIs, development banks and ECAs, Negotiating the terms and conditions of the financing,
  • Assisting with the negotiation of the loan documentation,
  • Increasing confidence in decision-making.
Summary of our services

We provide a wide range of services on,

  • Working Capital Loans,
  • Non-cash loans,
  • Refinancing,
  • Acquisition Finance,
  • Islamic Finance,
  • Syndicated Loans,
  • Leasing,
  • Hedging Transactions,
  • Debt capacity analysis,
  • Intercreditor negotiations.

Contact us

Hüsnü Dinçsoy

Hüsnü Dinçsoy

Advisory Services Partner

Tel: +90 212 376 5302

Mevlüt Akbaş

Mevlüt Akbaş

Advisory Services Partner

Tel: +90 212 376 5304

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