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PPP / Project Finance Advisory

Our PPP/Project Finance Advisory practice offers a wide range of services for each of public authorities, developers and investors throughout the whole phases of CP&I investments, which are in a significantly increasing trend.

Our service offerings include a complete set of services to cover your various requirements during a CP&I investment whether you are from government or the private sector looking for innovation and financing of large scale infrastructure projects.

In order to execute an efficient, transparent and cost-effective CP&I investment we deliver the following values through our services;

  • Ensuring the decisions made are feasible and well planned;
  • Achieving well structured projects through our advice on procurement strategies, project structuring, procurement, finance structuring and negotiations;
  • Successful execution through our advice on financing, delivering and operating projects on time and on budget.

Our benefits for the public sector clients:

  • Acceleration of the delivery of public sector and infrastructure services,
  • Advise on the strategy for involving the private sector in delivering public services,
  • Securing financing for the infrastructure investments to be executed through public procurement method,
  • Establishment of appropriate risk and mitigation structures while improving economic efficiency,
  • Achieving competitive value for money procurements.

Our benefits for private sector clients:

  • Our experience in and knowledge of the public sector and its procurement processes,
  • Arrangement and structuring of the best fitting financing structure for both equity and debt financing,
  • Arrangement and closing of competitive financing,
  • Ongoing support on financing related requirement in every stage of the investment.

  • Review of the tender/project documents with financing perspective
  • Advise on the key corporate and indirect tax and accounting issues
  • Formulation of tender strategy with financial aspects of the project
  • Risk analysis, allocation and quantification
  • Development of financing strategy and the financial model
  • Preparation of informative documents for financiers
  • Management of the Q&A process and meetings with project stakeholders
  • Negotiation to receive related indicative term sheets, commitment letters, letter of supports
  • Assist in the preparation of tender submission document

  • Review of the business model and contractual structure for the project
  • Identify and advise on structure of financing/refinancing
  • Assistance in negotiations of material contracts (with a focus on parameters required by the funding market)
  • Preparation of informative documents for financiers (Preliminary Lenders’ Presentation (PLP), Information Memorandum (IM), etc.)
  • Identification of the potential lender’s/equity investors
  • Development of preliminary term sheet, finance and security documentation
  • Negotiation of the content of financing related issues of all main agreements
  • Due diligence co-ordination
  • Preparation and presentation of financing plan

  • Management of the due diligence process
  • Sensitivity and scenario analyses
  • Applying necessary updates to the financial model
  • Organizing and arranging the execution of the bidding process
  • Negotiating the related agreements and mandate letters
  • Negotiating the debt/equity financing structure with the lenders/equity investors
  • Preparation and negotiation of the final financing/refinancing strategy 
  • Management of the Q&A process and meetings with project stakeholders
  • Negotiation support  for the final risk management strategy
  • Negotiation support for the final agreements, finance and security documentation as well as the other key agreements
  • Minimizing Conditions Precedent requirements for the debt/equity financing transaction
  • Assistance in achieving financial close/refinancing and the fulfilment of  Conditions Precedent up to the successful closing
  • Executing internal and external marketing activities

  • Financial Modelling
  • Feasibility Study
  • Financial model audit
  • Tax and tax-wise accounting review of the financial models
  • Specialist Tax Advisory Services

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Hüsnü Dinçsoy

Hüsnü Dinçsoy

Advisory Services Partner

Tel: +90 212 376 5302

Mevlüt Akbaş

Mevlüt Akbaş

Advisory Services Partner

Tel: +90 212 376 5304

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