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Ethics & Compliance Management

Is your ethics and compliance program effective?

Forward looking businesses must meet a wide range of compliance requirements, both external and internal. The challenges involved in managing ethics and compliance related risks are magnified by changes in business structure, dispersed operations, new or updated rules and regulations and increased enforcement.

PwC’s ethics and compliance solutions professionals help businesses bake ethics and compliance right into their initiatives rather than simply sprinkling on a few controls after the fact. This allows key business initiatives to move forward at your desired pace.

Service Details :

Ethics Hotline Implementation

Ethics hotline and reporting mechanism play a crucial role in detection of fraudulent incidents in organizations, and in the remediation phase. We can help you with our consulting services on establishing an ethics hotline within the scope of the content and subjects listed below.

  • Assuring the support and commitment of top management / executives
  • Ethics and whistle-blowing management infrastructure design within the Company
  • Establishment of internal ethics and reporting management function and procedures
  • Launching Ethics and Whistle-blowing Management Program
  • Determination of action items and constitution of investigation infrastructure on reporting, supervision and evaluation subjects related to ethics and reporting mechanism management

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Ethics Hotline Management

Today, the priorities of the companies are to create a common corporate culture, to protect the reputation of the Corporation, to improve the behavior of employees, to comply with legal requirements, to meet the expectations of stakeholders, to be a responsible company to society, to strengthen the position of the company against competitors, to reduce the effects of misconduct by creating an Ethics Code / Regulation. In this context, we will provide you with the following support for the development of the ethical culture:

  • Meeting with Senior Management regarding the importance of ethical culture
  • Establishing the Ethics Committee & Providing Ethics Trainings
  • Evaluation and improvement of the Code of Ethics
  • Communication of Ethical Policy and Procedures and Ethics Hotline to employees and relevant stakeholders by the leadership of Company’s top management

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Code of Ethics Policy & Procedure Design

Code of Ethics & Conduct helps to demonstrate Organisation’s awareness and shape its responsibility in front of employers, customers, business partners, communities and competitors. It facilitates the Organisation’s ability to make a difference on a market. Moreover, it helps to articulate the Organisation’s expectations to its employees much clearer and positively influences their behaviours. Code of Ethics & Conduct is an essential attribute of any Organisation that aims to secure its profitability, brands and reputation on the market.

We help to enhance corporate culture in Organisations through support with design and implementation of strong and effective ethics and compliance practices.

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Compliance Program Assessment

  • Reviewing the Company’s current operations from a compliance aspect such as an ABAC and trade control & sanctions perspective
  • Review of the Company’s key documents including current policies and procedures;
  • Assess the Company’s current stance with respect to compliance and trade controls;
  • Site visits to the Company’s offices to hold workshops with Company management (including: key executives, business unit leaders and relevant people from legal, finance, internal audit and compliance teams) to understand Company controls with respect to bribery, corruption and trade controls / sanctions;
  • Identify Company’s compliance related risks and improvement areas with respect to the current regulations including: Foreign Corrupt Practices Act of US, UK Bribery Act, OECD Convention, and US Trade Controls and Sanctions.
  • Provide you with a legal memorandum (in conjunction with legal counsel) identifying risk and improvement areas and our recommendations to mitigate those risks and enhance the current compliance program.

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Compliance Program Design & Implementation

Phase 1 - Assessment

  • Assessing the current control environment and identifying the gaps/risks with regards to ABAC, AML & Sanctions and Ethics compliance design via interviews with process owners

Phase 2 – Road Map to Compliance Program

  • Determination of compliance risks and drafting enhanced policies and procedures for the Company.
    • Anti-Bribery Anti-Corruption
    • Anti-Money Laundering & Trade Sanctions
    • Ethics

Phase 3 - Implementation of Compliance Program

  • Providing full day training sessions for the Company’s management and selected group of managers.
  • Provide ad-hoc assistance and guidance to the Company during the implementation of the compliance program. 

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Contract Compliance Reviews

Entitlement assessment and contract compliance

Make sure you’re paid or paying the appropriate fees under the licensing agreements and supplier or vendor contracts.

Different accounting policies and practices, as well as changes in accounting guidance, can impact key calculations under these agreements, affecting terms such as sales returns, damaged goods and consignment sales. Understand your agreement to make sure you’re getting what you’re entitled to.

In the event of a dispute, our experienced professionals can support your claim with legal and alternative dispute resolution methods.

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Contract Optimization

  • Data Analytics and Customer Contract Tool
  • Decision Making and Negotiation Strategy
  • Pilot Negotiations and Settlements
  • Legal Support


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Distributor/Agent Reviews

On-site review of selected distributor and agents to identify potential irregularities by understanding general business practices, corporate relations, compliance environment, potential conflict of interest and suspicious transactions to assist your organization in mitigating third party risks.

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Competition Investigation Support

Our forensic experts help you with Competition Investigation Support which includes the following compliance procedures:

  • Review of compliance with regulatory framework related to competition
  • Developing strategies for mitigating the risks of possible competition law violations and establishing corporate policies for managing key risks

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