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Pricing & Profitability

Effective pricing can improve revenue, profit and value across customer channels, products and markets

Setting a price is about understanding the value being exchanged

More data, more technology and a more informed consumer have prompted many business leaders to focus on the pricing question. After generations of pricing goods and services, many companies are trying to understand just what their customers are actually willing to pay for what they offer.

Every industry needs to identify consumer demand and design product-and-service bundles to meet them. With help from PwC, consumer demand can be converted into profitable return.

Key questions to consider:
  • Do you have clear pricing strategies for your target markets?
  • Is your pricing market driven, or based on cost plus analysis?
  • Do you know what customers are prepared to pay for the value you create?
  • Is your relative price position consistent with your pricing strategy?
  • Are tactical pricing decisions driving planned outcomes?

How can PwC help you?

By learning more about what your customers value—and more about the costs you’re incurring for features that certain customers may not value—you can adjust your offerings and pricing.

PwC can help you unlock the power of this information. Doing so can, quite literally, change the very nature of sales conversations—from one about price to one about what a customer is really willing to pay for.

Rooted in deep customer analytics, we ensure that pricing becomes adaptive to your market and the ever changing value perceptions of your customers, while identifying ways to lower costs and increase profitability.

To get the results you’re looking for, let PwC help you harness these capabilities:
  • Strategic pricing, customer profitability and price transformation
  • Customer portfolio profitability and optimization
  • Tactical pricing/ revenue model strategy
  • Price setting, value-based and outcome-based pricing
  • Rebate, discount and trade promotion effectiveness
  • Transaction price management
  • Game-changing pricing and revenue model transformations

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