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Strategy & Experience Design

An enterprise built around the customer stands out by making it easy for buyers to get what they want -- how and when they want it

When a business gives a customer an experience that matters to them – one they’ll remember for the right reasons – the result is real competitive advantage. Brands get built and market share gets grown. All of this is more likely to happen when the boundaries between marketing, sales, service and technology are overcome, if not eliminated. An outside-in customer strategy brings business acumen, experience excellence, and technology know-how together to deliver results.
Key questions to consider
(Customer Experience)
  • Do you proactively anticipate customer needs and deliver to their expectations?
  • Do you understand the customer journey and the moments that matter along the way?
  • Do you offer customers a multichannel experience where they can engage anywhere, anytime?
  • Are all your channels integrated to deliver a seamless customer experience?
Key questions to consider
(Customer Strategy)

Who are your target customers and what do they value?

Do your value propositions solve customers’ underlying needs, pain points and desired outcomes, or just communicate the value of your products?

Are your business functions customer or product-centric and do they allow for a unified view of the customer across your organisation?

Is your organisational strategy focused on customer-centric growth and innovation, or is it product and brand-led?

How can PwC help you?

By operationalizing customer experience, your business gains a competitive advantage as it delivers value that grows both the top and bottom lines. You’ll be better able to build loyalty, increase retention and command price premiums.

To get the results you’re looking for, let PwC help you harness these capabilities:
  • Design and implement customer-centric operating models and cultural change
  • Customer lifetime value management
  • Understand who your customers are and design customer segmentation
  • Create experience strategy design and implementation
  • Human-centered design and design thinking
  • Co-create customer journey mapping
  • Develop value proposition strategy
  • Develop a multi-channel experience that is integrated across channels and to back office systems to deliver a seamless experience
  • Help you identify how digital technologies can optimise and enhance the customer experience, whether through new channels or new products and services

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