View this page in: Türkçe In today’s increasingly complex business environment, companies are challenged to improve performance and create value at all levels of the organisation. Squeezed between continual demands for better product/service quality, rapidly changing customer needs, increased restrictions in funding and higher operational costs, companies strive to improve their operations and service delivery capabilities which will build customer satisfaction in the most profitable way.

As the PwC Business Consulting Team, we help our clients make optimum use of their resources to ensure delivery of high-quality products and services that meet the needs of customers, improving how the organisation itself operates.

We bring a combination of tried and tested methodologies with deep knowledge and understanding of our clients, their cultures, specific needs and business contexts.

Potential issues

  • You cannot meet the new levels of performance required by your customers, and your response to changes in customer requirements is below standard.
  • Your low productivity levels are holding back your profitability.
  • You are under increased pressure from competitors driving the need for improved performance.
  • You need to manage your sales channels, sales force, organization and operations more efficiently.
  • You have outdated supply chain management infrastructure – people, process, technology, controls – that affects your supply chain performance.
  • You want to improve your working capital position via lowering inventory with minimized customer service impact.
  • You think that your organisational structure is not aligned with your business strategies and objectives and you lack correlation between performance metrics and objectives.
  • You want to know how your processes compare to the best practices and what the best opportunities for performance improvement are.
  • Your operational units are working in silos and operational efficiency is low leading you to rethink the location of activities and cost reduction.
  • You wish to introduce change to your organisation, however do not know how to plan and effectively implement it.

How we can support you

  • Implement effective customer strategies and processes in order to successfully acquire, retain and grow customers,
  • Assess effectiveness and efficiency of business operations and key value chain,
  • Assess sales channels, operations and organization structure and find improvement areas to increase revenue,
  • Assess end to end supply chain operations to improve its infrastructure and performance,
  • Identify working capital improvement potential via analysing the efficiency in the areas of receivables, inventories and payables,
  • Find improvements and reduce design complexity in organisational structure of the business,
  • Develop an efficient and sustainable business model that accommodates future growth and change,
  • Increase efficiency of business processes through optimization, automisation and integration,
  • Improve smooth working of operations by changing processes, restructuring organisation and reducing costs,
  • Help accelerate transition process so that you can reach your intended change goals.

Our services

  • Operational Assessment and Improvement
  • Process Analysis and Design
  • Organisational Restructuring
  • Operating Model Design
  • Revenue Growth
  • Working Capital Management
  • Change and Programme Effectiveness