Revenue Growth Strategies

View this page in: Türkçe Irrespective of what survey or market analysis you look at, growing revenue is one of the top three - if not the number one - priorities of all commercial organisations.

CEOs want customers they can build sustainable, profitable relationships with. That means they need better understanding of the market; better understanding of customer needs; better, more targeted propositions and better understanding of their investment in marketing.Gaining and acting effectively on that kind of insight can not be achieved from one point in the organisation - it requires all functions within the organisation (for example, marketing, finance, sales, operations) working with the board to keep the strategic direction of the organisation at the heart of any growth.

How we can support you

We bring our core competency of independent business analytics and challenge to the problem, coupled with the ability to assist management in all stages of revenue growth cycle.

PwC's Revenue Growth Strategy Services cover the following analyses/assessments:

  • Benchmarking a company’s activities to determine its competitive position in relation to the market, product or services and its internal business processes,
  • Portfolio analysis of products and services to pinpoint opportunities for growth and rationalisation,
  • Developing business models and designing the organisation needed to deliver them,
  • Analysing and reviewing pricing models and selecting optimal strategies to increase revenue and profitability,
  • Developing pricing models (pre and post tax) using advanced analytical frameworks to maximize revenue generation,
  • Designing bespoke training courses to build effective sales and customer management skills to reinforce an organisation’s culture and values,
  • Analysing resourcing needs and the most efficient way to manage a finite number of people,
  • Analysing the cost of operating each channel to market and the approach to pricing the products or services distributed through each one, in order to align the costs of operating a channel to market with pricing yield,
  • Pinpointing inefficiencies and areas of excessive cost in line with industry and process benchmarks,
  • Spotting areas where revenue growth opportunities are being missed and their significance.