Technology Cost and Value Management

Managing the costs and benefits of IT optimally

Information technology is becoming increasingly important for existing and new business models. The performance requirements for IT are therefore increasing across all sectors. Nevertheless, the IT costs, which are also increasing, are often only understood as an opaque block of overhead costs. Above all, this is an accounting perspective that no longer does serve to IT as the basic building block of digital transformation.

PwC Technolog Consultants can help your company to achieve the optimal balance between IT performance and IT costs - based on the strategic corporate goals. We know how to penetrate the complex interrelationships and performance relationships in IT, determine accurate planning data, set up fact-based and quantitative control models, report clearly and purposefully and implement reliable internal accounting methods.

The IT experts at PwC know the value of powerful and future-proof IT. And with it the opportunity costs of improperly positioned IT. If you want to clearly identify the cost-benefit ratio of your IT and strategically control it, we will support you from strategy to implementation.

Measure and control IT performance with pinpoint accuracy

In order to measure IT costs and performance, the CIO and his teams need company-wide, standardized and targeted information and indicators (KPIs). With our IT performance management approach, you can measure your IT performance, quickly adjust the strategic orientation of your IT if necessary, identify potential for improvement in all areas and report on it quickly and comprehensibly at any time.

Depending on the size and complexity of your organization identifying the true cost of IT might not be a straightforward task. In order to cover all dimensions of the IT cost flow, companies should look at the costs from different perspectives (financial, IT and business). This requires a billing model for IT costs in order to efficiently link them to services. It is important to identify cost structures and potential cost reductions and to communicate them appropriately to the target group in order to promote constructive discussions and acceptance. In all of this, PwC supports you with specialized, project-experienced IT experts on managing the costs and benefits ot IT optimally.

Our Services

IT Cost Transparency

First of all, existing cost structures should be analyzed and the nature of the IT should be made transparent. PwC's analysis tools work independently of existing structures and provide you with quick results, comparative values, external benchmarks and a reliable data basis for scenario calculations and the design of the right structures.

IT Cost Reduction

We usually start initiatives to reduce IT costs with a series of workshops in order to work out short-, medium- and long-term measures together with you as the client and the internal teams involved. We structure, test and evaluate these measures before we implement them across the board together with you.

KPIs and IT-Performance

Derived from the strategic goals, we create KPI catalogs and design their logical aggregation for consistent IT control at all levels of management. These are the basis for well-founded decisions, for example about investments, cost optimization or changes in operations.

IT Cost and Chargeback Models

In order to control international IT service interdependencies within your company, we map the settlement between the companies involved based on the IT controlling model. We work closely with our tax experts to offer you an integrated solution.

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