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SAP Driven Business Transformation

The PwC team takes a holistic approach to programme delivery, ensuring that technology transformation benefits the entire business.

What can we do for you?

Our customers usually struggle on a number of areas when dealing with an SAP investment:

  • Operating Model – Your operating model has to be ready before it is enabled through your technology investment. Is your company ready to go for a technology transformation?
  • SAP Best Practices – How to leverage the right best practices for your value drivers.
  • SAP product selection – How to select the right products for your enterprise applications portfolio. 
  • Managing the transformation – Do you have the right talent to lead your business transformation journey?

We help for right investment leveraging our industry expertise and consulting competencies in order to create value to our clients’ business using SAP as an enabler through their business transformation journey. We help our customers define the level and type of investment and manage the transformation for them.

Technology that enables your business strategy

What is needed is not a technology strategy, but technology that enables your business strategy. Technology is so ingrained in everything we do, if you focus purely on the technology then you are bound to fail.

Maximizing the potential of digital transformation requires a reimagining of ways of working, with more of an emphasis on horizontal collaboration, building a new ecosystem for delivery.

A multi-disciplinary approach

A key benefit of our team is the depth of their experience and expertise in a wide range of business areas, as well as in technology and software development. We bring all of these skills and expertise together when managing programme delivery.

We also apply these skills to fix technology transformation projects that are spiralling out of control. We adjust the operating model, technology underpinning the transformation, and the application build itself, getting your programme delivery back on track.

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Cem Aracı

Cem Aracı

Tax Services Partner, PwC Turkey

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