Incident and Threat Management

Our Incident and Threat Management Services encompass a comprehensive suite of solutions designed to protect organizations from various cyber threats and efficiently manage any incidents that may arise. Our approach is not only reactive but also proactive, aiming to sustain your organization’s cyber resilience in a fast evolving threat landscape.

Incident Response & Cyber Crisis Management

Our Incident Response & Cyber Crisis Management services are designed to prepare organizations to respond to and recover from cyber incidents effectively, minimizing financial, reputational or legal impacts on the business. 

Our crisis preparation service includes capability assessments, scenario planning, creation of well-documented response playbooks, training and increased readiness through rehearsals and other simulation exercises encompassing both technical and strategic aspects of the crisis management. We also facilitate introductory awareness role-play exercises for executive level participants called Game of Threats.

Our incident response (on-demand & retainer) service offers expert response capabilities including containment and remediation, communication strategies, root cause analysis and integrated recovery.


Penetration Testing & Vulnerability Analysis

Our service involves scanning externally exposed systems and internal infrastructure, using red, blue, and purple team exercises, and performing static and dynamic analysis of web and mobile applications to identify any vulnerabilities. We use a variety of technological tools and our team’s expertise to provide recommendations on how to fix these vulnerabilities.

Red Team Services

Our red team services test an organization’s ability to detect and respond to advanced attacks through realistic simulation exercises, helping to assess the status and effectiveness of security measures. Our methodology involves utilizing multiple vectors to achieve a particular target. We develop tailored scenarios based on the client’s specific risk profile and provide maximum benefits. 

Threat Intelligence & Threat Hunting

PwC’s Global Threat Intelligence team utilizes the data of incident response activities we perform worldwide and creates intelligence reports to provide organizations with both technical and strategic support against new and innovative attacks and the threat landscape. We provide subscriptions to our Threat Intelligence Portal which provides network IDS and disk detection signatures and supports Suricata, OpenIOC and YARA formats. 

We leverage our intelligence data to design custom threat profiles and offer threat hunting services to our clients. Threat hunting services such as Adversary Emulation Service and Ransomware Simulation Service provide end-to-end visibility over your organization’s detection and response capabilities and give valuable input into building your cyber resilience.

DDoS & Load Tests

Organizations that rely heavily on online applications are critical targets of DDoS attacks. Failing to prevent such attacks can lead to direct financial losses and reputational damage for organizations. With PwC DDoS and Load Testing services, our automated simulation platform provides full control and visibility during the test. We enable our clients to check the reliability of their existing DDoS protection capabilities as well as ensuring the performance scalability requirements for their software deployments.

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