Strategy, Risk and Transformation

Our strategy, risk and transformation services are designed to custom-fit your organization’s business and technology priorities. Using our forward-looking research tools and best-practices knowledge, we define a sustainable cyber strategy and transformation programme which is aligned with your resilience and regulatory compliance objectives in the most cost-efficient way. 

Strateji, Risk ve Dönüşüm

Cyber Security Posture & Maturity Analysis

We use a range of diagnostic tools and globally recognized frameworks to evaluate your organization’s current cybersecurity posture, identify vulnerabilities, and assess the maturity of your cyber defense. Our assessment covers various aspects, including infrastructure, policies, procedures as well as human factors. We provide a comprehensive “Cyber Security Strategic Roadmap” report detailing current strengths, weaknesses, benchmarking scores and project cards for the desired maturity level. 

Cyber Risk Management

PwC has been named a Leader in the IDC MarketScape: Worldwide Cybersecurity Risk Management Services 2023 report. We deploy advanced risk assessment tools and methodologies, incorporating industry-specific insights to evaluate potential cyber risks and develop customized risk management frameworks outlining key risks, their potential impact, and actionable strategies for risk mitigation and management.

PwC MCR (Managed Cyber Risk) is a SaaS based cyber risk management solution designed by PwC UK to help organizations effectively manage and mitigate cyber risks. It includes an extensive catalogue of pre-loaded content, optional services, risk analytics, continuous controls monitoring and multiple industry control standards mapped to good practice risk factors. 

Cloud Security Services

With the increasing adoption of cloud technologies, we offer specialized services to ensure the safety of your data and applications in multi-cloud and hybrid cloud environments. Our portfolio includes risk assessments, policy and governance, transformation strategy and training related to cloud security.

Cyber Due Diligence Services

In today’s digital world, every business deal has an IT & Cyber component. It’s crucial to ensure that cyber risks are adequately assessed and managed during business transactions such as mergers, acquisitions or other corporate restructuring. As part of our deals due diligence services, we perform an in-depth cyber analysis of the entities involved, evaluating their security frameworks, incident response capabilities, compliance with relevant regulations as well as investment and organizational aspects and provide a detailed report outlining risks and possible mitigation & integration strategies.


Enterprise Security Architecture

Organizations rely heavily on their technological investments for their cyber defense capabilities. Gaps in an enterprise security architecture or outdated / disintegrated systems can cause critical vulnerabilities. Our enterprise security architecture services are custom developed according to your needs to ensure that you get the most resiliency out of your investments. Our portfolio rationalization service is designed to identify any duplicate or redundant components in your technology stack, optimizing operational costs in a time-efficient manner without compromising the overall security posture.

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