Data Trust Services

Data is a valuable and sensitive asset in any organization. Effectively managing, governing, and ethically leveraging data while ensuring its security is a strategic competitive advantage. 

Our Data Trust Services ensure that your organization not only complies with data privacy regulations but also maintains a high standard of data & access management.

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Personal Data Protection and Compliance Services

We provide tailored services to ensure compliance with data protection regulations such as KVKK and GDPR. Our approach includes assessing and implementing technical, legal and organizational measures to safeguard data to achieve compliance and reduce risk of financial penalties, reputational damage and customer loss. 

Our Data Privacy Maintenance (DPM) solution encompasses our multi-disciplinary team’s expertise and provides our clients end-to-end visibility over their data privacy compliance.   

Data Discovery and Classification Services

Designing & implementing an effective data management & protection strategy is only possible with a clear visibility of your data landscape. 

We utilize a suite of tools and methodologies to conduct thorough data discovery exercises, classifying data based on sensitivity and regulatory requirements, mapping the data flows between different systems. We provide a detailed report which forms the basis of data protection policies and procedures within the organization.

Data Protection Services

We provide design & implementation services for various data protection technologies in order to ensure the optimum performance of such investments and mitigate the risk of data breaches. Our services include designing data governance programs, vendor selection and DLP policy optimization services. 

Identity and Access Management Services

A secure and efficient identity & access management system minimizes the risk of unauthorized access and data breaches. Our identity and access management services include the design and implementation of IDM strategies, tools and procedures.

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