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Take charge of your future.

Only 5% of companies are doing all it takes to get to payback from digital. To thrive, not just survive, you’ll need to navigate the maze of economic uncertainty and the breakneck pace of digital.

Learn from the Transcenders, the 5% of businesses that win in digital.

We’ve studied thousands of digitally-transforming companies for decades through our Digital IQ research. This year, from our survey of 2,380 executives around the globe, we discovered a group of companies that consistently generate payback and get significant value on their digital investments in every area we assess—from growth and profits to innovation, customer experience, people and more. They’re the winning 5%.

We call them Transcenders. They don’t dabble. They dive in. They eat disruption for lunch.


Here are the four ways Transcenders get to payback

Mandate change, don’t just talk about it

Transcenders don’t just talk big, they act: 84% mandate—not just encourage—collaboration and cross-functional work.

Digital is their corporate strategy, not a line item or “special effort.”

While others are ruminating on ideas, Transcender leaders are capturing and acting on them, drawing from all levels to drive their business.

Transcenders have a clear direction for digital 96% of the time


Leadership isn’t a roadblock to innovation at 94% of Transcenders


Invest like you mean it

Talk is cheap. So Transcenders invest 33% more than other companies in the plumbing—the technology, processes, operating models, and the ways of working—that will drive their digital supremacy.

Transcenders primarily use digital investments to grow their business, not because they need to cut costs.

They’re on the right track. More than three-quarters of Transcenders are getting value from their investments in technology and new ways of working—significantly more than other companies.

Transcenders have 17% higher profit margin growth


Digital has increased time spent innovating for 84% of Transcenders


Make your people your superpower

Transcenders say their people are more innovative, more active in driving business and have learned to innovate in ways that have a positive impact on the bottom line.

Transcenders spend more to upskill their people, recruit differently and are able to attract and keep the best talent.

And they know training is meaningless if it doesn’t stick, doesn’t drive their business, and doesn’t motivate people. That’s why 63% of Transcenders have upended their training process and obsess over getting it right.

89% of Transcenders don't face pushback about digital efforts from their people


Adoption of new programs and tech is widespread at 72% of Transcenders


Build a resilient culture that doesn’t fear extinction

Transformation never ends. That’s what most Transcenders believe and it guides what they do. Their cultural DNA empowers them to navigate change and be prepared for anything.

67% of Transcenders lived through a major disruption—merger or acquisition, business model change, or senior leadership change—in the last two years and have come out stronger.

They’ve learned from those challenges and embrace the concept of change as the only constant.

90% of Transcenders aren't falling behind in digital


98% of Transcenders don't fear extinction


Who do the Transcenders look up to?

These are some of the companies Transcenders say set the pace in digital—and they’re regularly praised in the marketplace.*





*In 2020 Global Digital IQ, respondents named up to five companies they believed lead in digital.

Now become them.

Dive into the Transcender playbook


Meet the Transcenders


Mandate change
like Microsoft and Porsche


Invest like you mean it
like John Deere and Amazon


Put people first
like Unilever and Nestlé


Build resilience
like Netflix and Sony


About the survey

We surveyed 2,380 senior executives in 76 countries and a wide range of industry sectors. Respondents represent a range of sizes, from less than $250 million in revenue to over $50 billion. The survey was fielded by Oxford Economics between July 2019 and September 2019.

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