Diversity & Inclusion

Diversity and Inclusion from a PwC Perspective

Diversity and Inclusion issues are addressed from many different perspectives around the world. As PwC People Management and Organization Consultancy, we address Equality, Inclusion and Diversity issues from different perspectives such as wage inequality, wellbeing, inclusive leadership, inclusive recruitment, unconscious biases, and inclusive language.

As PwC, in line with our aim to build trust in the society and produce solutions to important problems, our priorities in this field are to raise awareness about Diversity and Inclusion, to develop structures and policies that are integrated into the corporate culture, to support our customers in their journey of ensuring equality and diversity in the workforce.

Diversity & Inclusion

PwC Diversity and Inclusion Building Blocks

Having a more inclusive and diverse corporate culture brings many different opportunities with it. In addition to building a more sustainable and effective business, organizations can also expand their reach to the market, increase their interaction with wider stakeholder groups, and create innovative, diverse solutions. 

Our approach includes data-driven analysis combined with a qualitative assessment and comprehensive policy and process review to identify your organization's needs. This assessment covers both short-term and long-term goals and critical performance indicators (KPIs), providing you with the necessary insights to design Diversity and Inclusion action plan by tailor-made solution.

Where are you on the Diversity and Inclusion journey?

Diversity and Inclusion is positioned at a critical point not only in attracting and retaining talent, but also in shaping organization’s perception on the part of customers and investors. This positioning makes Diversity and Inclusion a management-level agenda.

Building a strong Diversity and Inclusion strategy, fueled by data and embedded in risk and broader business management, can enable your organization to actively shape perceptions and gain competitive advantage.

At every point in the Diversity and Inclusion journey, we have products and services to help drive progress and awareness in your organization. We can contribute to creating an inclusive corporate culture with our consultancy service that includes a customized maturity analysis for current situation assessment, a roadmap for your future journey and comprehensive collaboration meetings.

Why PwC?

Research shows that the greater the diversity of talent and past experience in the workforce, the more successful your organization will be in an increasingly complex world with structures of different types and cultures. According to a study conducted by the PwC UK office:

  • Companies with more diverse teams are 20% more successful at developing new products and services than other companies.

  • Organizations that achieve gender equality are 1.4 times more likely to achieve sustainable growth.

  • 67% of job seekers consider the company's diversity & inclusion approach important when evaluating job offers.  
    Source: PwC’s Divesity project

Organizations may face some challenges as they seek to achieve workplace diversity and unlock their potential to be more inclusive. We support you by focusing on the following areas with PwC Diversity and Inclusion (D&I) consulting service:

  • Defining your strategy to make the organization more inclusive and diverse; 
  • Developing policies to keep women in the workforce and increase their participation; 
  • Developing policies to retain and develop diverse talents; 
  • Identify and reduce systemic bias (eg. gender bias or discrimination) in policy and practice; 
  • Designing a fair employee lifecycle from the application stage to the termination process
  • Measuring and implementing fair wage practices 
  • Designing learning programs that will drive behavior change throughout the organization 

Our services

Equal Pay Certificate

Despite global studies and efforts in the field of Diversity and Inclusion in working life, women in Turkey also earn 15.6% less income than men. As PwC Turkey People and Organization Consultancy team, we support organizations in creating a more equitable wage policy with the cooperation of Equal Salary Foundation in Switzerland and the “Equal Pay Certificate” process.

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Eşit Ücret Sertifikası

Diversity and Inclusion Maturity Analysis

We analyze the current status of organizations on Diversity and Inclusion in line with the PwC Diversity and Inclusion Model and create an organization-specific roadmap in line with our findings. Within the scope of our methodology shaped in line with the creation of the strategy, the determination of Diversity and Inclusion metrics and performance indicators, and the creation of a detailed change management strategy within the scope of the roadmap; we carry out our Diversity and Inclusive assessments throughout the organization by taking a holistic approach with survey work, policy review, one-on-one interviews and focus group studies, awareness trainings.

Training Programs

At PwC, we design organizational learning journeys and training programs within the scope of Diversity and Inclusion.

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