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The changing world and new demands require the HR function to provide strategic support and guide business performance. Change is no longer in the distant future, it is happening now and is gaining momentum!

As the PwC Human Resources Consulting team, we help you take the pulse of Human Resources and be aware of changes using research studies based on subject, sector and target audience. With our studies, we aim to support you in making your strategic decisions by providing insights on human resources trends, with references taken from real applications.

How Do the Mega Trends Shaping the World Affect Human Resources Management?

PwC Global Mega Trends

Technological Leap

The employee experience is as digitalized as the customer experience, and processes are now managed analytically through technology.

  • Changes to working life
    Mobile, user-friendly systems, performance analytics

Demographic and Social Change

Organizations are beginning to better understand and manage the needs of different generations in the workforce.

  • Performance management in line with the needs of new generations
    Frequent feedback!

Rapid Urbanization

The focus is on more flexible working models and updating benefits packages accordingly.

  • Design in line with new working models
    Functional flexibility

Change in Economic Power

Organizations redefine their global strategies by reviewing their talent search and development strategies.

  • Global talent management
    Diversity, free from prejudice

Climate Change and Limited Resources

Business models are created in line with sustainability and the world's "clean energy" expectations, and HR competencies are developed accordingly.

  • Associating values with the process
    Values and social responsibility instead of competencies

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