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Reveal your Human Resources performance capacity through data

The power to make data-based insights is changing the way organizations make better decisions and utilize the talents of their employees. The use of better data, on topics like today’s strategic workforce planning, employee productivity, talent management, employee engagement and retention practices, performance management, agility and mobility; is becoming very essential for decisions to be taken. Organisations that eliminate uncertainties by using human resource analytics and see a clear picture of both employee and company needs are getting closer to success. HR Analytics, enables better management of human risks, smarter matching of employees to tasks, more efficient and more cost-effective processes by removing conjectures on important decisions to be taken regarding the workforce. 

What can the right data analytics tell you?
  • The commitment level of your high performing employees
  • Predictions on which employees will leave and which of them will stay
  • The resources from which the best employees come and how to find more
  • Quarterly and annual forecasts of future labor costs
  • Preferences of employees on remuneration, rewarding and working models
  • Efficiency of the Diversity & Inclusion program
  • Which training and development activities are effective

As the PwC Human Resources Consultancy, we help our clients understand their strengths and constraints of their workforce and functional performance, first by understanding their requests and then using our experience to identify current and future challenges: 

Realising Your Workforce Potential

Data Management and Reporting

Problems our clients face usually include the following:

  • The lack of analytic expertise within the organization and not knowing how to coordinate different HR systems to create a sustainable model.
  • Inability to create meaningful measurements and insights without extensive manual effort
  • Failing to discover the underlying causes of rising dismissal rates or not knowing how to retain high performing employees
  • Not benefiting enough from HR technologies
  • Having low quality data in different HR systems and the accessibility of data
  • Inability to find the required talent despite high spendings for recruitment.


CEO’s say that in the current situation their organization use data analytics to find and retain the right people.

Source: PwC’s 20th CEO Survey


The respondents indicated that creating or maturing your own HR analytics is a strategic priority.

Source: 2015 PwC Saratoga Benchmarks


The respondents said the biggest barrier against successfully creating workforce reports and analytics is “the existence of multiple non-integrated human and organizational data sources”

Source: 2015 PwC Saratoga Benchmarks


Only %6 of the respondents expressed their satisfaction with their workforce data quality.

Source: 2015 PwC Saratoga Benchmarks

How can we help?

Our Human Resources Consulting team offers a wide range of services to help organizations make the most of workforce data:

  • Identifying Human Resources Critical Performance Parameters and Indicators
  • Saratoga Global Comparison Metrics (Benchmark data)
  • Data Management and Governance
  • Talent Analytics and Predictive Analysis
  • Comprehensive Workforce Research
  • HR Analytics Maturity Analysis
İnsan Kaynakları Analitiği

We can help you realize your potential by using the power of data driven insights so you can make the most out of your employees and add more value to your business. While providing our services we aim for you to reach the right data, to create insights in line with this data for the decision phase and to reach an effective reporting system: 

Reaching reliable data


We help you identify, collect and gather employee and business data from different sources so you can make fact-based decisions. We provide support in identifying critical data, evaluating its quality and understanding how to access them. Our workforce data collection methods include surveys, individual meetings, focus groups, real time digital technologies and other engagement techniques.  


Generating predictive data


To eliminate guessingin key decisions we use leading technologies with employee data. Using statistical analysis; we assess risks and opportunities related to financial topics, employee motivation and engagement, organizational culture, behavior and results. Furthermore, we use Saratoga, our industry leading benchmarking platform which will allow you to compare your organization to competitors in your industry when conducting our analysis.


Effective Reporting


Our approach improves your ability to predict employee issues that could affect your business beforehand so you can create meaningful action plans. We help provide greater visibility by reporting in various online, cloud based, mobile, printed and real time ways. Thanks to our dashboard reporting we gather critical data and business results together. We ensure that you determine the optimum demographic filters so that you can view your data the way you want.


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