Change Management & Culture Transformation

PwC Human Resources Consulting aims to ensure that the business strategy and culture of an organization are consistent, and maximize their impact by using our understanding, tools and methods. We have an expert team that uses a systematic methodology in all steps of the cultural evolution process.

Our goal is to support an organization in determining its own cultural components and ensure that employees at all levels of the organization behave in this way  by targeting potential to maximize the desired business results and contributions.

In addition, throughout the change process we support the establishment of healthy internal communication and the smooth realization of the evolution our customers experience, including the cultural component, in areas such as technology, structure or processes. We believe that institutions that manage change well will be one step ahead of their competitors in terms of sustainability and employee loyalty.

The services we provide for managing culture and change cover the following topics:

  • Identifying the values that form the basic building blocks of culture
  • Identifying behavioral risks
  • Preparing for change and conducting stakeholder analysis
  • Conducting leadership alignment studies
  • Identifying internal communication strategy
  • Establishing internal change management teams and competence
  • Providing training and practice support

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