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With our organizational structure design approach we aim to transform the way companies think about organizational design. We focus on partnering with customers to design and implement organizational models and structures that will provide maximum agility, flexibility and responsiveness. Our experts aim to deliver adaptive, sustainable value for our customers by combining PwC tools and thought leadership. They focus on revealing the strengths and opportunities of organizational DNA building blocks by examining the DNA of organizations in 8 formal and informal sub-dimensions.

In addition, we help our customers who want to create agile organizations to structure their organizations to comply with agility principles. Within the scope of these principles, we also support organizations in designing and implementing agile roles.

Our organization design solutions may include the following for companies, as well as aiming to meet different needs regarding the organizational structure:

  • Current organizational situation and health analysis
  • Organizational structure design
  • Agile transformation and agile organizational structure design
  • Determination of roles, authorities and responsibilities (RACI) and job descriptions

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