Strategic Workforce Planning

Strategic workforce planning has become a priority for organizations as a result of the changing business world, newly emerging business models and global trends affecting the entire world.

Making the connections between recruitment channels, succession plans, changes in business strategy, and other business elements that impact talent is one of the challenges faced when doing strategic workforce planning. Workforce planning that is not integrated with talent management and where issues are handled in a disconnected manner can only progress with short-term solutions. Strategic workforce planning that includes talent management can enable organizations to proactively maintain talent management processes.

PwC Human Resources Consulting provides a systematic approach to workforce planning, enabling organizations to put people in the right place when needed and at the right cost.

Our systematic approach addresses strategic workforce planning dimensions including implementation, business alignment, workforce data, workforce analytics and technology.

Our services in this area cover the following topics:

  • Workforce planning and workload analysis projects
  • Planning the future workforce scenarios

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