Remote Working

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    61% of employees state that they’ve experienced remote working for the first time with the pandemic and 71% say they now work remotely every day.

  • %51

    51% of employees say that they would rather spend their working time partly at their house and partly at the office.

  • %84

    %84 of employees think they can be as efficient from their house as they are from the office.

Source: PwC’s US Remote Work Survey, June 2020 & The Covid-19 Remote Working Experiment, PwC and Onest, PwC Global Mobility Pulse Survey Results

The employees and the employers agree that the current trends which entered our lives with the pandemic, remote working and hybrid working models, will continue to be part of the working life after the pandemic

If the remote working model is managed with the right strategy, it’s possible to create a productive and sustainable working environment. With that being said, remote working has its own limitations such as time management, team communication and motivation. As PwC, by handling the remote working processes thoroughly, we make decisions together over various scenarios and design the future of your company and your employees. 

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Uzaktan Çalışma ve Yeni Çalışma Modelleri

Remote Working with the PwC

While some companies interpret hybrid working model as a necessity, others see it as a development that will increase productivity. However, hybrid or remote working models have more than one dimension that should be taken into account.

As PwC, we offer tailor-made solutions to organizations by evaluating different working models considering various dimensions of their processes. 

  • Risks and Security Factors
  • The System Used, Tools and Productivity Factors
  • Organizing Rules and Regulations, Business Law, SGK (Social Security Institution) Dimensions
  • Institution / Stakeholder Relations and Collaboration
  • Wellbeing and Physical Conditions
  • Cultural Factors

With our consultancy service, we can support you by focusing on the following areas:

  • Defining the company’s remote & hybrid working policy and location strategy considering the employee demands, the company culture and the practices in the market.
  • Defining remote working and traditional working model based on different role groups.
  • Evaluating practices that support flexibility, maintain employee and team motivation, facilitate remote working; while preserving productivity.
  • Risk analysis of remote working (ex. data privacy) and defining action plans.
  • Evaluating business law and effects of contract management post-remote work.
  • Analyzing cost items and defining savings opportunities in the remote working model. 

Why PwC?

About ten years ago PwC, started offering remote working as an option to its employees. Thanks to this many new technologies and connections available, people have found that the daily route to the office  wasn’t essential. During this process we learnt valuable lessons on how to preserve high productivity while working away from the office.

In line with many projects and researches we have carried out on new working models, we consider the experience of organizations in the transition to new working models in many dimensions, and we offer customized solutions to companies in line with employee expectations and the needs of the organization.

Uzaktan Çalışma ve Yeni Çalışma Modelleri

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