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Our target is to conduct the management of all the audit processes from planning to reporting & monitoring easily and effectively.


The importance and the added value of internal audit in corporate governance increases day by day.

inAudit is suitable for

  • Audit units which are recently established

  • Organisations which aim to build a corporate structure for their audit units

  • Organisations which restructure their audit units

  • UOrganisations which aim compliance with International Audit Standards

Internal audit processes extend and get complexed over time, which may lead us to the following;

planning the audit,

conducting audit,

collecting, keeping and tracking of evidences may become difficult.

What does inAudit offer?

From planning to execution, reporting to monitoring, we conduct internal audit end-to-end. This enables us to combine our internal audit experience with our industry expertise.

We aim to provide value to you with this experience which will strengthen your internal audit and control units.


Lean & simple

Lean & simple

  • It simplifies and eases the operation.



  • Enables the corporate standardisation and sustainability. Makes it possible to access objective, sustainable and accurate data.



  • Enables to montior the phase of the audit and the auditor.

inAudit conducts all functions of the audit process.

Management of the audit unit

Management of the organizational structure of the audit system

Planning of the audit

Making a risk and source based audit plan

Conducting the audit

Registering the field work and collecting evidences

Generating a report

Generating the report of the completed audit automatically, reviewing the final report and distribution


Monitoring of the findings and suggestions in the report by the audit unit


Archiving the reports by date

Reporting to the management

Generating the management reports automatically (by audit detail)

Making trend analysis

Making trend analysis related to the audit automatically

Why an internal audit system is needed?

Based on the developments and requirements in internal audit processes, experienced internal audit specialists of PwC Turkey have designed and developed a management system called inAudit.

An audit software for auditors, from the auditors: inAudit

inAudit is developed for auditors and audit managers to conduct the audit process the most efficient way possible.

inAudit is an intranet-based audit management system, offers Standard and Advanced versions of the software.

New functions can be installed depending on your needs, special to your organisation.

Contact us

Oktay Aktolun

Oktay Aktolun

Risk Assurance Services Leader, PwC Turkey

Tel: +90 212 326 6748

Mehmet Ermurat

Mehmet Ermurat

Risk Assurance Services, Director, PwC Turkey

Tel: +90 212 326 6648

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