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Spatial Revisit: Emerging Areas of Real Estate Investment in Turkey

“Spatial Revisit: Emerging Areas of Real Estate Investment in Turkey” report prepared by PwC Turkey Government & Public Sector Consulting team reveals the outlook of the Turkish real estate market in the light of global comparative analysis and prominent trends, while highlighting potential investor opportunities in the sector.

The report addresses the accelerated sustainability and ESG factors, increasing exports, domestic potentials in e-commerce and tourism, and the needs and opportunities of regional development investments in the Turkish real estate market with a snapshot of recently completed/ongoing projects.

Emerging Areas of Real Estate Investment in Turkey

Sustainability and ESG

During the next decade, green buildings represent a significant low-carbon investment opportunity in emerging markets. Green buildings constitute higher value and lower risk assets than standard buildings, providing a more sustained revenue stream, typically by providing higher sales premiums and attracting/retaining more tenants, as well as lowering energy consumption and thus operating costs.

Booming in E-commerce

The rise in e-commerce demand has led to the increase in the number and volume of specialized, spatial nodes in the value chain, including logistics and distribution centres, warehouses, data centres and other relatively niche spatial asset classes. Each stage in the e-commerce supply chain possesses an industrial space of high potential. 

Restrengthened of Tourism

Turkey, one of the most popular holiday destinations in the world, is currently pioneering in the tourism sector with the help of its robust real estate and construction sectors and is a hotspot for the international luxury hotel chains. Health Care Tourism is another area of opportunity, considering that the country has an extensive healthcare infrastructure and human capital. 

Higher Exports

The Turkish economy exhibited a V-shaped recovery in the manufacturing industry and the increase in the need for industrial facilities arising with higher exports creates crucial real estate investment opportunities regarding the industrial zones in Turkey.

Regional Development Investments

The focus on increasing competitiveness in knowledge economy and industry has led to establishment of several government interface organizations, accompanied by private sector actors. This set of niche organizations translates to opportunities for real estate development in the mid to long term. 

New Ways of Working

Limited mobility during pandemic has changed the preference for traditional offices and gave way to flexible and remote working models. As executives anticipate they will need less total office space in 4 to 5 years, the drive to align the real estate strategy with the hybrid workplace strategy is expected to pick up speed in 2022.

Investor Friendly Incentives and Investments

The Turkish Government offers comprehensive investment incentive programs, using a wide range of instruments.

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