Total Retail Survey 2017

How do consumers shop?

It’s no secret that in 2017 retailers are facing an increasingly challenging marketplace. How consumers want to shop – in addition to how much they want to spend – are strategic questions with no simple answers. While retailers grapple with providing a consistent shopping experience among channels, new kinds of competitors seem to pop up out of nowhere, further altering customer expectations and disrupting any hoped-for status quo. PwC’s 2017 Total Retail Survey explores global shoppers’ buying behavior and paths to purchase. This is the sixth consecutive year we have produced this global survey, which this year tracks shopper feedback from more than 24,000 consumers in 29 territories and 11 different product categories.

Total Retail 2017

Learn about that Turkey online shoppers

Products by category


prefer to purchase books, music, movies and video games online

Clothing and footwear

purchased all or most of their clothing and footwear online in the last 12 months

Do-it-yourself and home improvement

prefer to research do-it-yourself/home improvement purchases online


still prefer to make their grocery purchases in store

Health and beauty

prefer to purchase health and beauty (cosmetics) online

Household appliances

prefer to purchase household appliance in store

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