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Increasing Your Competitive Edge in the Transportation and Logistics Industry

PwC Round Table

At the round table with the title, Increasing Your Competitive Edge in the Transportation and Logistics Industry, on 28 November 2016, as PwC Turkey, we discussed opportunities and threats in the transportation and logistics industry, more effective practices for competition, processes of founding a company abroad, and regulatory issues with senior executives of the logistics service providers.

The more varied the needs in manufacturing industry become, the more challenging needs arise in logistics. As costs increased due to higher customer demands, sales prices decreased due to the higher competition level and therefore profit margins shrank, logistics companies operating in the industry are expected to meet a better quality service demand for a lower cost.

Both in terms of the logistic service purchasers and logistic service providers, financing management is critically important. Strategical planning is important both for financing investments and for serving the right purpose. A detailed strategical plan, which outlines financial impacts of the operations related to the services to be expanded and/or diversified in line with strategies, is very critical for the companies to achieve their future targets. 

Increasing training activities becomes more and more important in order to develop operational technical expertise in the logistics industry and to implement an engineering perspective. Companies should develop their employees' competencies by increasing the budget allocated for training.

Localisation comes to the front when it comes to being successful in global geographies. For transportation and logistics companies that become multinational, tax optimisation, another matter which is as important as operational excellence, is also another significant element that provides companies with a competitive edge.  Having a full command of the incentives and conveniences introduced in the Turkish financial legislation is a very critical element in planning.

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