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End-to-end Case Management with the PwC Ethics Help Center

Record ethical statements, manage your investigations and report results, all from a single platform!

Ethics Help Center is a module of the PwC Digital Compliance Platform.

What does PwC Ethics Help Centeroffer?

Receipt of Reported Ethics Cases

Receipt of Reported Ethics Cases

Receipt and categorization of ethical cases reported via phone, email, and a web-based platform

Case Management

Case Management

Management of the ethical cases by the investigation teams, entering the results of the investigation on a single system

Reporting and Analysis

Reporting and Analysis

User-friendly dashboards and analytics

Receiving Ethical Cases

With our specialised team, we support you in receiving and documenting potential ethical cases at your company. Cases reported anonymously via the infrastructure provided by PwC are received and categorised by ethics and compliance experts. Also, cases that are reported by your employees true internal channels can be followed by your compliance experts on the same web-based platform.

*Tercihinize bağlı olarak raporlama öncesinde bildirimlerin ön incelemesi ve kategorizasyon kontrolü de tarafımızca sağlanmaktadır.

Managing Reported Ethical Cases

We categorize the cases received under the topics agreed with you, and submitted to your investigation teams for their review online via a web-based case management.

In this module, your company’s investigation team can manage cases reported via web, phone, email, and other channels, and can assign them to relevant team members. In addition to that, your investigation teams also have access to data and graphics that would support them in preparing management reports related to ethical cases.

In case you request support from PwC investigation specialists, you can request via the platform with a single click.

Why Ethics Help Center?

Ethics Hotlines

Ethics hotlines are considered to be a leading tool for detecting breaches by 42%.*

EU Whistleblowing

Ethics hotlines are required by the EU Whistleblowing Directive and ISO 37301.

internal persons

Almost half of the reported fraud cases resulting in losses of USD 100 million or more are caused by internal persons.**

*ACFE 2022 Report
**PwC 2020 Global Economic Crime and Fraud Survey

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