Retail and consumer

Sustainable strategies to help you navigate an ever-changing economy

In order to promptly and accurately respond to shifting consumer demands, the retail industry must act swiftly and manage different sales channels in a coordinated manner, which means there is a substantial need for investments in information technologies and the relevant infrastructure.

Retail industry of Turkey: Growing while Transforming

How can we help?

PwC Turkey offers a powerful and safe information and service network made up of the power of our global network and our experts in Turkey.

We aim to help our clients mainly with these issues:

  • Unveiling values in local and multinational operations
  • Developing a competitive edge throughout the value chain
  • Identifying and meeting all stakeholders’ expectations concerning an institution.

Our company’s main aim is to help retail and consumer product companies build confidence in and develop their brands and organise brand events.


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Retail and consumer

In PwC Turkey, we follow developments in the R&C industry, both globally and in Turkey in particular, closely find innovative solutions to our clients’ problems in the complex business world which we live in today.

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Retail and Consumer Industry Leader, PwC Turkey

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Advisory Services Leader, PwC Turkey

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Tax Services Partner, PwC Turkey

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