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TOM (Target Operating Model) , focused on reshaping your company's Finance department to maximize efficiency, involves an in-depth analysis of current processes, organization, and systems to deliver quality service to internal and external customers.

Through this comprehensive analysis, areas for continuous improvement and adaptation are identified, thereby enhancing your company's competitive edge. This approach, which elevates data quality through strategic system infrastructure planning, makes your processes more efficient and effective, suggests an appropriate organizational model, and thus strengthens your company's financial functions, laying a solid foundation for the future.

Process and organizational designs are shaped according to identified development points, clarifying roles and responsibilities. This results in a concrete implementation plan that solidifies your company's financial operations on a robust foundation and directs its future operations.

In a successful Finance Target Operational Model:

  • Employee effort and time are allocated to more value-added tasks like analysis and decision support, instead of operational activities.

  • Performance is measured with KPIs(Key Performance Indicator) aligned with strategic objectives.

  • Data and reporting are standardized to establish the necessary governance infrastructure.

  • Strategic decision-making mechanisms, including the Finance function, are developed.

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