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Valuation Services

Valuations, business modelling and feasibility studies are fundamental business requirements used in decision making, negotiating transaction price, preparing financial statements and satisfying tax and regulatory requirements.

In your daily operations and in your strategic decisions, you may face your own unique set of challenges.
  • What is my company's stand-alone value? What would an investor be willing to pay?
  • What are components and major influencing factors of my enterprise value?
  • What is the value of intangible corporate assets such as brands, patents, etc?
  • What will my balance sheet look like after an acquisition (purchase price allocation and IFRS 3) and what effects will that have on future performance?
  • How can I enhance the value of my enterprise?
  • What effect does capital structure have on the value of my company and what is the best type of financing for me?
  • How much is an Investment Project worth to me?
  • How can I raise the necessary fund for my investment Project?

How PwC can help you

We provide services that can support your business objectives by assisting with the development and delivery of your corporate growth strategies. In doing so, we quantify financial and business opportunities and support management in the decision making process. PwC has an experienced and dedicated team specialised in Valuation Services. 

Our Services


Every important business decision must be analyzed with respect to its value contribution. PwC has a team of valuation specialists who deal exclusively with value issues and can assist you in all value-related matters. Our exclusive and fully dedicated valuation team has in-depth methodological and industry know-how to analyze each particular valuation situation comprehensively. Their experience is based on hundreds of valuation projects. The multidisciplinary PwC approach guarantees customized advisory services and integrated solutions.

  • Business Enterprise Valuation

We advise you on the price you should pay or ask for when acquiring or disposing of companies, divisions or blocks of shares. We also provide you with convincing arguments during the negotiation process and show you how to increase the value of your enterprise if you are planning to sell your business.

  • Purchase Price Allocation (PPA)

The term "purchase price allocation" refers to the allocation of the purchase price for a company to all tangible and intangible assets, as required under the relevant accounting standards (IFRS 3 and SFAS 141). Any assets such as brands or customer relationships that were not previously capitalised must be identified and valued. We assist you in carrying out the PPA process (post-deal) and advise you regarding the consequences for future financial reporting. In some cases, it is a good idea to produce an indicative PPA in advance of planned transactions (pre-deal) in order to be able to assess the effects on the income statement and balance sheet at an early stage and to use this assessment as a basis for the purchase decision.

  • Impairment Test

Goodwill and other intangible assets that have an indefinite life must be re-evaluated on a routine basis (IFRS 36 and IFRS 38). We provide competent and solution-oriented service in connection with these recurring tasks.

  • Intellectual Property Valuation

Appropriate management of brands, patents and other intangible assets can generate additional income and save costs (such as taxes). Knowledge of the value of specific intangible assets is therefore becoming more and more important. Our experts determine the value for you and assist you in any transactions involving intellectual property.

  • Fairness Opinion

When we give a fairness opinion, we confirm that a business transaction is fair and in the best interests of the shareholders.

  • Independent Expert Opinion

Shareholders' agreements frequently require the engagement of external valuation specialists in order to determine value if a group of shareholders wishes to sell their shares in the company. We make the value determination in such cases, acting as independent consultants.

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Business Modelling

The ultimate goal of the business modelling is to obtain a business plan which is capable of simulating the investment project or the company itself. In the contemporary business world, business plans help top managements to take strategic decisions. We work with our clients to understand and analyse a business' key commercial and financial drivers and then design, build and review business plans and financial models to help our clients understand the impact of different financial or commercial assumptions on their cash position, profit, tax or financing structure.

  • Business Plan Preparation

All the business plans need to address the investment projects’ or business’ key commercial and financial drivers and reflect these into a financial model. A business plan is simply a long term simulation of the proposed investment or the company. Hence, it has to explicitly reveal all the inputs (macroeconomic assumptions, sectoral expectations, etc.), adopted methods (adopted accounting principles, used financial techniques, leaned legislations, etc.) and report all the relevant outputs (profit and loss statement, balance sheet and cash flows).

PwC will join its commercial and industry experience with deep technical expertise in building and reviewing business models for your enterprise.

  • Financial Modelling

Generally, top managements are capable of preparing and documenting long term operational plans for the proposed investment or for their enterprises. However, most of them face with the problem of incorporating the investment projects’ or business’ key commercial and financial drivers and reflect these into a financial model, which necessitates a modelling expertise.

We assist our clients in designing and building the financial models which correctly reflect all the inputs of the business plan and process these inputs so as to get the required outputs, which are generally profit and loss statement, balance sheet and cash flows. We combine financial and commercial experience with deep technical expertise to rapidly design and build robust, flexible models with insightful, fact-based output. Our extensive knowledge and experience helps us to ensure that the model captures the key business drivers and accurately reflects the specific transaction’s key commercial requirements.

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Financial Feasibility

Feasibility studies demonstrate the economic viability of the proposed investment projects. They increase reliability in planning and aid in presenting the case to capital investors, strategic partners, authorities and shareholders. Feasibility studies are generally performed over the comprehensive business plans and reports the viability of the investment projects under different operational and financial structures.

In performing feasibility studies, we may use the business plans which were prepared by the client or may be required to design and build brand new business plans. The reliability of a feasibility study is closely related with the underlying business plan’s capability to simulate the proposed investment or business.

We do not consider feasibility studies as a static process, acquiring the necessary inputs and producing the required outputs. Instead, we closely work with our clients to advise them on the structuring of their proposed investments to achive maximum economic benefit.

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