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Visitors to PwC Turkey’s website

Collection of personal data

Visitors to the PwC Turkey websites can find their rights related to the data they share with PwC Turkey explained on the “rights of persons and use of rights” tab. Automatic processing of personal data on PwC Turkey websites is limited to the use of cookies and analytic tools only. For more information, see the section below about cookies.

Personal data of visitors to the PwC Turkey website, name, title, company address, e-mail address, phone number and fax number, is collected, e.g., when a person subscribes to PwC Turkey bulletins.

Visitors may also send e-mails to PwC Turkey via the website. Visitor messages include user name, e-mail address and additional information the user might want to submit with the message.

Website visitors are asked not to share special categories of personal data (e.g., race, ethnicity, political opinion, religious and philosophical beliefs, physical and mental health, genetic data, biometric data, association or union memberships, appearance, sexual life or orientation, criminal convictions, data on safety measures and criminal records).

Use of personal data

When personal data is shared with PwC Turkey, the data shall be processed for the purposes explained in this privacy statement, or for the purposes below, in the ways described where the information is shared with PwC (or as obvious from the context of collection), including:

  • unless it is otherwise requested, PwC Turkey shall process the contact information of website visitors in order to contact them about PwC Turkey’s business, services and events, and other information which may be of interest to the visitor. Should the visitors desire to opt out of mailing lists or other records, the relevant website will provide instructions for doing so;
  • to administer and manage the website, including to confirm and authenticate the visitor’s identity and prevent unauthorised access to restricted areas of the site or premium content;
  • to communicate with you in order to distribute requested materials or ask for further information;
  • to personalise and enrich your browsing experience by displaying content that is more likely to be relevant and of interest to the visitor;
  • to sort and analyse user data (such as determining how many users from the same organisation have subscribed to or are using the websites);
  • to determine the company, organisation, institution, or agency that the visitors work for or with which the visitors are otherwise associated;
  • to develop business operations and services including   aggregating data for website analytics and improvements;
  • aggregating data to conduct benchmarking and data analysis including, for example, regarding usage of the websites;
  • to conduct quality and risk management reviews;
  • to understand how people use the features and functions of the websites in order to improve the user experience;
  • to monitor and enforce compliance with the terms, including acceptable use policies; and
  • any other purposes for which the visitors provided the information to PwC Turkey (such as to subscribe you to the updates you request).

PwC Turkey does not share the personal data it collects from the website with third parties for profit or for marketing purposes. In cases where the personal data may be shared with parties other than PwC Member Firms, the explicit consent of the relevant person is obtained beforehand.


The PwC website uses small text files called ‘cookies’ which are placed in the visitor’s hard drive to personalise and enrich the online experience by displaying content that is more likely to be relevant and of interest to the visitor. The use of cookies is now standard operating procedure for most websites.  However, most browsers give users the option to not download cookies if the user prefers not to use cookies. To sign on to the PwC Turkey website, the use of cookies must be accepted. When cookies are disabled, some functions of the website might not work properly. If they want, visitors can delete the cookies after they visit PwC Turkey’s website.

Visit to this link for detailed information about the use of cookies.

Third party links

The website may contain links to third party websites that are not controlled by PwC Turkey and do not operate in line with PwC Turkey’s privacy policies. After clicking on these links, PwC Turkey’s privacy practices will no longer be in effect. It is recommended that visitors review the privacy policies of these third party websites before disclosing any personally identifiable information.

Social Media

Our website currently contains links to the following social media providers: Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube and Instagram via the relevant social media buttons. To prevent unwanted transfer of your usage data (eg the address of the page currently being visited) to these services, you can access them only by clicking on the link. The social networks mentioned above can collect and process your personal data. There is no control of the PwC Turkey on this data collecting and processing activities.

Your browser will not be able to directly connect with the servers of the above-mentioned services until you click on the links. This means that the data of your visit to our website is not indirectly(redirect) directed to these. If you log in with your personal social media account during your visit to our website, to share content provided by PwC Turkey or leave a review and so on. You can click on social media links.

YouTube videos are also included in our online services, which are stored at and can be played directly from our website. All of these work in "privacy-enhanced mode", and unless you play these videos, no data about you will be transferred to YouTube as a user. In case you play videos, personal data in relation with the IP address, the date and time of your access to the website / application, the content of the request (information about which web page you visited), the HTPP code, the operating system and interface (the operating system of the computer you use to access the website or application) language and browser version of the software will be transmitted.

Your information is directly associated with your account when you sign in to Google. If you do not want your profile to be associated with YouTube, you must log out of your Google account before playing the Youtube video. If you do not want your profile to be associated with YouTube, you must log out of your Google account before playing the Youtube video. More information about the purpose and scope of data collection and processing by YouTube can be found in the Youtube Privacy Policy. There you will also find more information about your rights and settings to protect your privacy: Google also processes your personal data in the U.S. and the EU-U.S. Privacy Shield is also included.

PwC Turkey website also uses the Google Maps service. This allows us to view interactive maps directly on the website and comfortably use the map function. When you visit our website, Google receives the information that you have accessed the relevant sub-page of our website. If you are signed in to Google, your information will be directly associated with your account. If you do not want to be associated with your profile on Google, you must log out before enabling Google maps. Google stores your data to create a user profile and uses it for advertising, market research, and / or customizing the design of the website. You have the right to object to the creation of these user profiles, but you will need to contact Google to do this. For more information about the purpose and scope of data collection and processing by the plugin provider, please refer to the respective provider's privacy policy. You will also find more information on your rights and options to set your privacy preferences in this regard: Google processes your data in the U.S. and is committed to adhering to the EU-U.S. Privacy Shield, principles.

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