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Financial due diligence - Buy side

In any deal, significant disparity exists between the information held by the buyer and seller about the target. Financial due diligence is intended to remedy this disparity for both financial buyers and corporate buyers by analysing the information in depth and clearly identifying and validating the issues and all the financial, commercial, operational and strategic assumptions laid behind an entity that underlie a deal.

How can PwC help you?

We fully understand your priorities, have expertise in the local market, are knowledgeable about the issues specific to Turkish business environment and differences in the local accounting GAAP and IFRS, US GAAP having an impact on the historical reported financial performance and therefore we set a scope accordingly and take a business driven approach during our analysis which are structured around value drivers to represent risks/weaknesses as well as opportunities/strengths.

As we are alert to more than just accounting issues, our approach is to understand the business first and then to examine the accounts. This helps to ensure that we identify commercial issues as well as more financial issues.

Our report focuses on major deal issues comprising negotiating points, areas to be protected in the acquisition agreement and the improvement areas of the target’s business so as to maximize the buyer’s return on the deal going forward.

We are familiar with working as part of a larger project team of our clients consisting of different advisors including lawyers, technical and lead advisors, and understand the close co-operation required to maximize the due diligence opportunity to identify and close down deal issues.

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