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Analytics & Simulation

Use research, customer analytics, data insight and context, and predictive modeling to better understand your customers

Get results from data-driven customer experiences

Earning – and deepening – customer loyalty is a challenge, even for established brands. But big (and small) data, drawn from a variety of sources both inside and outside the enterprise, can yield valuable insight into customer behavior. When properly interpreted, consumer data can inform media and sales investments, and identify those customers you can serve most profitability.

All organizations can benefit from identifying a single, accurate and actionable version of the truth about their customers. Finding new ways to manage and analyze data, improve information flows and streamline technology can uncover and curate the sources of information gaps. The result? Better products and services, more effective sales efforts, greater lifetime customer value and delighted customers.

Key questions to consider:
  • What is your customer data and analytics strategy?
  • What data do you collect and analyse and which decisions do the resulting insights trigger?
  • Do you have a single view of the customer based on all the data you collect? How is this used to enhance your customer offering and experience while optimising profitability?
  • What internal capabilities do you have to execute your data and analytics strategy? Are your people comfortable working with new sources of digital and social data? How about using novel modelling and simulation techniques?

How can PwC help you?

Listening to social media. Leveraging mobile devices as sensing platforms. Mining the data deluge from CRM. Interpreting the unspoken insights that come from ethnographics.

Your business must make meaning out of all of these—and more.

PwC can help you identify opportunities for improving customer interactions. Together we can do "what if” analyses to determine which value propositions appeal to specific customer segments.

To get the results you’re looking for, let PwC help you harness these capabilities:
  • Research, data insight and context, predictive modeling
  • Performance Management (KPI dashboard development)
  • Predictive and descriptive analytics, e.g. churn prediction & sales propensity
  • Experience economics and measurement
  • Mobile analytics
  • Predictive simulation and big data analytics
  • Social intelligence
  • Voice of the Customer research

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