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Your company's customer strategy

A path to delivering distinctive value and experience

We define customer strategy as the articulation of the distinctive value and experience your company will deliver to a chosen set of customers over three to five years, along with the offerings, channels, operating model, and capabilities you will need to implement it. In early 2016, a team of researchers and advisors from the customer strategy practice of Strategy&, PwC’s strategy consulting group, conducted a global survey of 161 executives to examine their companies’ customer strategy objectives and approaches.

The results of the survey highlight a fundamental disconnect. Although 84 percent of companies plan to invest at least as much in customer strategy in response to changing market dynamics in the years ahead as they’ve spent in the recent past, and some plan to spend more, few businesses have a clearly articulated idea of what their customer strategy should be.

Our respondents identified three major trends that are driving the need for a well-designed customer strategy: the pace of technological innovation, more informed and more sophisticated customers, and increasingly disruptive competition. However, although 51 percent of respondents commonly use the term customer strategy and are driving different steps for wooing customers, they aren’t weaving these elements together in a way that reflects an understanding of their company or customers.

Based on the lessons from leading companies and Strategy&’s experience, our consulting teams pinpointed 10 principles at the heart of customer strategy and the best practices for implementing these principles. At its core, a customer strategy must define the distinctive value and experiences a company provides to its targeted customers and coordinate the various functions, skills, and channels needed to deliver on that promise.

10 principles of customer strategy

Master the art of the possible

Know your customers at a granular level

Link your company’s customer strategy to its overall identity

Target customers with whom you have a right to win

Treat your customers as assets that will grow in value

Leverage your ecosystem

Ensure a seamless omnichannel experience

Excel at delivery

Reorganize around the customer

Match your culture with your customer strategy

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