Sales and Marketing Effectiveness

View this page in: Türkçe As a consequence of increasing competition and evolving customer demands, most companies are experiencing increased pressure to optimize their marketing and sales strategies. Many traditional approaches to marketing and sales functions do not necessarily apply to current market complexity.

How we can support you

Developing a successful marketing and sales strategy involves having a comprehensive understanding of the business, its market and its customers. We have many years of practical experience with preparing marketing and sales strategies. We can carry out a review of your marketing and sales strategies, capabilities and activities, and propose a more optimized marketing and sales model.

The work we do with clients include:

  • Carrying out market screening and estimating market potential,
  • Developing branding strategies,
  • Reviewing the company’s product portfolio to ensure optimal product positioning to maximize revenue potential,
  • Conduct market/customer surveys and focus groups and analyse the findings. This work includes evaluating channel effectiveness and the likely impact on customer satisfaction and buying criteria including competitor analysis,
  • Defining target segments and target groups,
  • Designing segmentation models to create manageable groups of customers, identifying for each key attributes, needs and wants,
  • Conducting competitive analysis,
  • Analyzing and reviewing pricing models and selecting optimal strategies to increase revenue and profitability,
  • Preparing an implementation plan (“Got-To-Market” plan), including timing and responsibilities,
  • Defining marketing investment needs and benefits,
  • Maximizing the effectiveness of marketing investments,
  • Aligning product strategies with channel strategies,
  • Creating strategies to identify the right mix of channels and the best approach to take to ensure the successful launch of a product or service,
  • Creating a more capable salesforce,
  • Establishing consistent and repeatable sales processes,
  • Analyzing the cost of operating each channel to market and the approach to pricing the products or services distributed through each one, in order to align the costs of operating a channel to market with pricing yield,
  • Defining, setting up and running performance measurement systems for salesforce.