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Economic crimes such as fraud, corruption and commercial disputes can result in serious financial risks for companies. When not managed effectively, these issues may cause significant long-term damage, such as loss of reputation or impaired business relations, not to mention direct financial losses.

The detection of economic crime and timely resolution of commercial disputes requires financial expertise and in-depth knowledge of regulatory matters. The effective resolution of such issues requires sectoral expertise, technical competence and the experience from similar companies and cases.

Our specialist Forensic Services Team can assist in the identification and effective resolution of such cases, as well as assist clients to prevent them from occurring in the first place.

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Fraud Risk Management

Fraud is a broad concept that refers generally to any intentional act committed to secure an unfair or unlawful gain. Most people who commit fraud at work are often trusted people with no criminal history. The famous criminologist Donald R. Cressey established a methodology on committing a fraud and says there are three factors that must be present for an ordinary person to commit fraud. These are motivation, rationalization, and opportunity. Cressey calls it the Fraud Triangle.

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