Annual reports and other accounting advisory services

Services related to annual report consultancy comprise:

  • Compiling the mandatory annual report required by the Turkish Commercial Code (“TCC”)
  • Reviewing the financial information included in the annual report
  • Preparing comprehensive annual reports according to the company’s demands/requirements.

Other Accounting Advisory Services include, but are not limited to:

  • Providing the temporary support of managers and staff specialised in IFRS/ TFRS for finance, finance affairs, management reporting, and budget related activities (interim assignments).

Financial Communication Advisory Services:

  • Selecting the appropriate financial information and ratios to be announced
  • Preparing press releases
  • Preparing investor presentations, and
  • Supporting financial information presentations.

Services related to significant transactions and contracts:

  • Assessing share purchases, business partnerships, and other asset sales agreements
  • Assessing new products provided by insurance companies and banks
  • Assessing promotion and advertising campaigns organized by retailers
  • Examining borrowing and leasing agreements consisting of complex, long contract articles
  • Assessing structured products provided by investment banks, and
  • Determining embedded derivates in regular business contracts.

Services related to optimization of income statements:

  • Providing support related to IFRS applications and highly complex regulations
  • Interpreting accounting transactions and hedging when exposed to foreign exchange difference, interest, and commodity price; determining accounting strategy, and; analysing accounting effects
  • Assessing effects of new accounting standards and determining the required amendments to accounting policies
  • Determining and assessing embedded derivatives, and
  • Dodelling impairment of financial instruments considering Basel II criteria and comparing impairment models.

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