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The PwC team takes a holistic approach to programme delivery, ensuring that technology transformation benefits the entire business

Technology enabled Business Transformation

An integrated approach to enable technology transformation and solve complex business challenges. At PwC we start by understanding your business drivers and objectives. This means that our advice is business-led – driving business value through technology – not simply focused on the IT function. What is needed is not a technology strategy, but technology that enables your business strategy. Technology is so ingrained in everything we do, if you focus purely on the technology then you are bound to fail.

Business functions are driven by your target business outcomes. Departmental leaders need to embrace technology transformation in order to make the most of their data. The main driver for technological transformation is always end users. People want to use digital services – they provide flexibility, autonomy, and efficiency. Another driver is the need to cut costs. Automation, self-service, and virtualization are some key ways that organizations are cutting costs. But it’s not a choice between cost saving or end users. Done well, digital transformation will deliver operational efficiencies, cost reduction, and great customer service.

Technology alliances

To ensure we can provide you with the best strategy and tools for the digital age, our alliance partners include the world’s leading technology players.

Together with our global alliances we have developed leading products and services for Finance, HR, CRM, ERP, and Operations. We know how to get the best out of applications such as cloud, mobile, data analytics and social media so you can become leaner, smarter, faster and more agile.

Deep technology alliances

Technology is transforming business. Our expertise is strategy through execution and we’ll work by your side to provide you with the best strategy and tools to prepare you for the digital age.

In order to provide the very best outcomes from your programme delivery we form strategic technology alliances with some of the world’s leading technology suppliers.

What we do

Strategy through execution...

As with all our technology alliances, our job is to determine the right business strategy for you, then ensure you have the best and most relevant technology to achieve it. In other words, it’s about technology as an enabler, and a means to deliver a successful strategy. In developing that strategy, we bring all our expertise to bear, from market and industry insight to professional know-how in areas like digital, customer strategy, operations, finance, tax, and HR.  And once the right technology is identified, we help you get the most from your investment and implement it, so your business is leaner, smarter, and more agile, and you get the benefits faster.

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Serkan Tarmur

Serkan Tarmur

Advisory Services Leader, PwC Turkey

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