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Evolving citizen expectations and increased constraints on resources render provision of public services increasingly difficult

The public sector is in need of innovative approaches for transformation

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Public services are important to all of us. We would like public services to be easily accessible, easy-to-use and aligned with our needs. PwC works with the public sector to provide innovative solutions to the most complex and important problems, to support transformation and reform agendas, and to add value to all segments of the society. 

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Our Services

Capacity Development

Changing global dynamics, diversifying citizen needs and accelerating technological disruptions create a need for the re-evaluation and re-calibration of public authorities’ organizational structures and the services they provide. PwC provides a wide range of services for public institutions and State-Owned Enterprises to enable them to carry out their duties in a more efficient manner:

  • Strategic planning
  • Organizational design
  • Performance measurement and management
  • Process management and control
  • Knowledge management
  • Change management
  • Talent management and human resource planning
  • Improvement of financial management processes and systems

Policy Design

Public policy making is a cohesive and holistic process that requires the involvement of not only central and local governments, but also of the third sector and the private sector as well as international and supranational institutions. PwC is composed of an expert team from different disciplines, established to serve all actors in policy design processes and equipped with data-based tools and a holistic approach.

PwC provides advisory services to all stakeholders in the ecosystem on matters such as the design of economic and social policies, improvement of the investment climate, development of the skills mix of the labor force, development of incentive mechanisms, measurement of the systemic impact of new technologies, and the formulation of sectoral agendas.

Our related services are as follows:

  • Socio-economic impact analysis
  • Regulatory impact analysis
  • Benchmarking of global best practices
  • Regional development program design
  • Policy and program design
  • Big data based policy analysis

International Development

International Development includes the design and implementation of comprehensive economic, social and institutional reforms in underdeveloped and developing countries. At PwC, we believe international development policies that are tailored to local conditions and effectively implemented are vital for catalyzing socio-economic development and welfare in these countries. For this reason, we develop international development policies considering the unique macro and micro dynamics of developing countries.

We carry out our international development efforts in cooperation with and through providing services for governments, international development organizations, international finance institutions, multinational corporations and other donors. Our efforts, which we carry out in cooperation with various global stakeholders, aim at reducing poverty and inequalities, accelerating socio-economic development and improving economic competitiveness through supporting the management of funds and international operations.

Our related services are as follows:

  • Developing national programs vis-à-vis the Sustainable Development Goals
  • Global competitiveness and development policies
  • Acceleration of urban development
  • Revision of employment policies
  • Design and implementation of infrastructure investment strategies

Project and Program Management

Project and program management is integral to improvement and transformation of public institutions and thus should be carried out in an effective, transparent and inclusive manner. In order to achieve this, PwC provides innovative project and program management solutions supported by digital platforms to public institutions.  

We support public institutions in a wide variety of areas ranging from training to performance management with a consultancy approach that takes into account country specific policy-making process and that covers the whole project and program cycle. At PwC, our ultimate objective in offering project and program management consultancy is to provide a holistic array of services to our clients, enabling them to more effectively utilize their limited resources, as well as maximizing the impact of the programs for all stakeholders involved.

Our related services are as follows:

  • Preparation of feasibility studies
  • Management of funds and other sources
  • Monitoring and measurement of effectiveness of project outputs
  • Performance evaluation and key performance indicator (KPI) design
  • Project portfolio support services
  • Design and management of Public-Private Partnerships (PPP) projects

Digital Transformation

Digital transformation and the emergence of new technological tools dramatically impact policy-making processes and operational practices in the public sector. We provide digital transformation services to public institutions to help them become more accessible for citizens through deploying technological access channels, strengthen their data collection and analysis capabilities and increase service efficiency through developing institutional digital strategies. Our digital transformation services empower public institutions to render their services more efficient and design data-driven and fact-based policies through utilization of innovative practices and digital tools.

Our related services are as follows:

  • Citizen oriented data collection and analysis
  • Smart city program design and formulation of smart city policies
  • Development of the technological and software proficiency of public institutions
  • Development of e-governance applications and mechanisms
  • Reduction of public expenditures through e-procurement applications

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