Demystifying the online shopper

This is the sixth year of a survey conducted to understand and better serve online shoppers and separate truth from fiction. 11,000 consumers from more than 13,000 samples in 11 countries who said they shop online have participated in this survey. Turkey has joined this survey for the first time. When it comes to Turkey, 1,004 respondents from 1,113 samples who said they shop online have participated in the survey. Considering the relevant data, the “Multichannel Shopping” survey reveals the truth about ten myths of online shopping.

  • 35% of the respondents go directly to brand sites for shopping. This rate is below the rate of China, where 56% go directly to brand sites, and that of the US, where 52% do the same. Although shopping from brand sites is at a lower rate in Turkey, one out of every three people said they shop online from brand sites.
  • 59% of respondents follow brands or retailers on social media, compared to 49% last year.
  • When it comes to their favorite brands and retailers, 38% of our respondents are following them on social media; up from 33% last year.
  • 27% of respondents discovered brands through social media, compared to 17% last year.
  • Fully 49% of our survey sample said they use social media every day, an increase of 14% over last year.
  • In China (56%) and the U.S. (52%), more than half of shoppers are sometimes bypassing retailers and going directly to brands sites.
  • Just 17% of the original pool of internet users we contacted said they shop online less than once per year; in other words, the vast majority of internet users have expanded their online activities to shopping.

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