The Anxious Optimist in the Corner Office

21st CEO Survey

This year’s survey looked specifically at how organisations are addressing issues such as confidence in business, competition for talent and growth in a disruptive environment. PwC conducted 1,293 interviews with CEOs in 85 countries. 69 CEOs in Turkey participated to survey.


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A Message from PwC Global Chairman Bob Moritz

While celebrating the prospects for global economic growth – at least in the short term – CEOs in every region report heightened levels of anxiety about their own organisation’s longer-term prospects for revenue growth as they confront growing stakeholder expectations and unprecedented threats that are not of the market’s making. 

A Message from PwC Turkey Territory Senior Partner Halûk Yalçın

2017 is the year when the global economy revealed a performance which was almost the best since 2011. In addition to this recovery, there is a shift towards a new balance. Despite high levels of optimism regarding 2018, CEOs still remain cautious...

CEOs are confident about future

This year saw the highest-ever jump to the highest-ever level of CEO optimism regarding global growth prospects over the next 12 months. For the first time since we began asking the question in 2012, the majority of CEOs surveyed believe global economic growth will ‘improve’.

51 % of CEOs in Turkey believe global economic growth will ‘improve’, while this ratio is 57 % among global CEOs. 

42% of global CEOs are very confident over the next 12 months. CEOs in Turkey are more cautious with 32%.

Dijital araçlardaki büyüme risk yönetimine yön veriyor
Dijital araçlardaki büyüme risk yönetimine yön veriyor
Dijital araçlardaki büyüme risk yönetimine yön veriyor

What keeps CEOs up at night?

Looking more closely at the data, we find a tale of optimistic global expansion playing out against a background of concern. Of the broader societal threats that CEOs in Turkey worry about, geopolitical uncertainty tops the list, followed by exchange rate volatility and terrorism.

Geopolitical uncertainty is the top concern also for global CEOs. Over regulation and increasing tax burden are among top concerns.

When the business threats which are expected to have a direct impact on their business are asked to CEOs, cyber threats come first both for global CEOs and CEOs in Turkey.


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Considering the following threats to your organisation's growth prospects, how concerned are you about the following?

Both for CEOs in Turkey and global CEOs, changes in consumer behaviours are considered as the most disruptive trend for their business. Changes in core technologies of production or service provision (artificial intelligence, robotics etc.) take the second place for CEOs in Turkey while it is increase in number of significant direct and indirect competitors for global CEOs.

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