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Government and public services

Unique expertise supporting formulation of innovative public policies

Driven by changing citizen expectations and accelerating technologies, the need for qualified expertise and participatory approaches in public policy making is ever increasing.
Public policy making is a cohesive and holistic process which requires the involvement of not only public authorities such as central and local governments or state owned enterprises, but also of the third sector and the private sector as well as international and supranational institutions. In this context, the PwC Government and Public Sector team is a significant source of innovation and excellence with a multi-disciplinary team set up to assist all actors in the public policy ecosystem and provide evidence-based solutions tailored through holistic approaches. We have been a thought partner to both governments and main stakeholders who are affected by and who influence government policies.

Selected Project Experience

  • Institutional Transformation and Administrative Capacity Building Project for a Central Public Institution
  • Impact Analysis and Investment Policies Project for the Related Institution of a Ministry
  • Impact Analysis Project on Labour Market Policies
  • Project on Designing a Regional Development Framework and its Pilot Implementation for the Government of a Middle East country
  • Preparation of Risk Management Guideline for Public Sector
  • Innovative Manufacturing Technologies Project for the Agricultural Sector in Turkey for an International Development Agency
  • Transformation of the Asset Management Industry in Turkey
  • The Future of Capital Markets in Turkey
  • International Best Practices for Social Policy Design

How can PwC help you?

Policy Design for Economic and Social Development

Sustainable and inclusive growth can only be achieved through approaches that focus on innovation, efficiency and competitiveness. In this context, as the PwC Public Policy team, we devise industrial/trade policies and design sectoral agendas through methods such as improving the investment environment, increasing the qualified labor force, developing the related incentive mechanisms, measuring the systematic effects of new technologies and formulating tailor-made programs and projects. We seek to set up participatory platforms for knowledge and information exchange between the private sector and the public actors with the help of the tools, approaches and methodologies we have developed through a continuous observation of the structural needs of the public policy ecosystem.

Transformation of Public Assets

With our significant expertise and expertise, we offer consulting services aimed at transforming public assets to perform in alignment with contemporary needs and expectations Turkey. We create value for the efficient management of public resources as well as the design and implementation of their transformation in line with the relevant public administrations’ requirements.

Public Private Partnerships

Our services on model development and implementation in the field of Public-Private Partnerships, which are significantly important mechanisms to boost economic development and competitiveness in Turkey, are provided to both public institutions and private sector entities. Through the negotiation experience we have gathered from previous projects, we are able to design precise project outlines and frameworks to ensure successful alliances for Public-Private Partnerships.

Citizen Experience

We develop strategies and programs for transforming public administration and public services with the aim of increasing citizen satisfaction and support implementation of these initiatives. We contribute to the design of organizational structures of public organizations and optimization of their processes in order to enhance public service provision. We support development of innovative systems and approaches utilizing new digital technologies to improve the central and local public services. Within this scope, we provide consultancy services for the design and implementation of smart city strategies and programs that transform cities, increase effectiveness of city governments and improve local public services. We collaborate with technology solution providers in developing and implementing smart city solutions for resolving city challenges.


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Serkan Tarmur

Serkan Tarmur

Advisory Services Leader, PwC Turkey

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