PwC Next Generation Procurement Survey

PwC’s Next Generation Procurement Survey
which has been held in Turkey for the first time, aims to research the procurement and supply function within corporations, including various subjects such as strategy, operation, organisation structure, and technological tools. 
The Next Generation Procurement Survey covers the strengths and challenges in terms of procurement in Turkey. The survey will also provide guidance for determining the improvement points related to the procurement departments of companies operating in our country. 
82% of the participants see procurement departments as functions that have strategic significance and affect companies' finances. In addition, participants believe that because the share of purchased materials and services within COGS is quite high (75%) that this shows the potential for procurement to provide a cost advantage.


Survey Scope

The PwC Next Generation Procurement Survey studied the following factors related to companies operating in different industries:

  • purchasing function perceptions,
  • purchasing organisation,
  • impact of expenses on COGS,
  • purchasing process,
  • technologies used for purchasing,
  • purchasing maturity level.

We asked respondents 15 questions and examined the answers under 10 headings. The online survey was answered by 49respondents.

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