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The PwC Deals graduate programme for EMEA

Show us your many talents...

If you…

can see the big picture behind the numbers, you’ll love being part of our inspiring Deals team. Your independent, creative and fresh thinking will allow you to develop valuable insights that help your clients.


If you think…

that there is no problem that can’t be solved you’ll make a fantastic deals advisor. You’ll surprise yourself with how good you really are and how quickly you grow!

You’ll face…

all kinds of intellectual challenges and you’ll always be part of an international team of smart thinkers and deal makers, working together to solve some of the most demanding questions in the Deals environment.


If you look…

at things from different angles, you’ll add value along the entire deal cycle. Add rigorous analysis and perseverance, and you’ll have amazing opportunities working with other highly skilled and motivated Deals professionals.

… and we will give you the Edge…

We call it Edge, because it’s cutting-edge. It gives you the edge you need to become an international, well-rounded, well-networked Deals professional. There is no doubt that the programme will challenge you and stretch your capabilities, but it will also be a rewarding journey that will equip you for the next stage in your career. Have we captured your imagination? Would you like to learn more? Take a look at our Edge programme brochure.

For further information about the programme visit\/edge

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… to become an international Deals expert


The Edge programme has been designed to support the best and brightest graduates at the start of their careers by boosting their development from the very first days at our Deals practice.

It comprises a three-year journey featuring a mixture of international development opportunities, rotations in at least three Deals business units, online regular, professional and technical learning and the support to complete a professional qualification (where relevant).


PwC Master of Deals

Upon successful completion of the Edge programme and your professional qualification (where relevant), you’ll be awarded the PwC Master of Deals certificate and be given the opportunity to specialise in the area and industry that best suit you and where you can build a successful career.

International Events

Your journey into Edge will officially kick off and end with an international event. You will travel to a European destination where you will have the chance to meet all Edge participants across EMEA, receive in-depth training and participate in exciting activities and events. Watch the video below to find out about the kick off international event for Edge - we call it IDFE (International Deals Foundation Event).


At PwC we recognise the importance of building a professional network. This programme will give you countless opportunities to develop relationships across PwC teams and beyond your national boundaries, that will prove invaluable during your career at PwC.

Rotations into our range of Deals Business Units

During the three-year programme you will do rotations across the PwC Deals business areas. By taking an active role in the work involved at each stage of a deal, you are going to develop into a well-rounded Deals advisor and will be able to identify the area your interests and strengths lie within.

International Exchanges for Top performers

At programme completion, the top performers across EMEA will be given the chance to experience a secondment into the Deals team of a participating territory.

Technical and Business Skills training

Throughout your journey you will be supported by relevant training courses to give you the technical and business skills you need to thrive.

Professional Qualification

Where applicable, you will be completing a professional qualification that provides you with the world-wide recognised accreditation, knowledge and skills necessary to be working within Deals and the global market.

Edge 2018 - International Deals Foundation Event

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